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Problems for an Anthropology Major:

We’re on the quarter system at UCSC and three courses a quarter is considered a full load. That is 15 units a quarter and I still have two GEs I need to finish. However, there are 20 available undergraduate anthropology courses, 18 of which I would love to take. Why can’t I just have an unlimited amount of time and energy at my disposal so I can take all the classes. It’s only October and I really should focus on making it through my current classes, but my impatience knows no bounds.

Seriously, listen to these class titles and tell me you aren’t tempted:

  • India and Indian Diaspora through Film
  • Religion in American Politics and Culture
  • Human Paleopathology
  • Evolution of Sex
  • African Archaeology
  • Ethnography of Brazil
  • Indigenous Visual Culture
  • Ethnographies of Capitalism¬†
  • Performance and Power
  • Gender and Development

And the list goes on. The Anthropology professors at UCSC are amazing.

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